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Exercise as a Lifestyle

Regular exercise is essential for your overall health and well being!

Exercise as a LifestyleNovember 06 2014 - Press Release

In 2013, the British Medical Journal did a study comparing taking drugs versus exercising to treat diabetes, coronary heart disease, heart failure and stroke. When 12 different drugs were compared to exercise, exercise did as well as taking a medication with the exception of those that treat congestive heart failure!

Other studies have shown that changes in diet and exercise habits can have the same results as having heart surgery for the treatment of coronary heart disease.

Medications and surgeries are very costly. It is much cheaper to exercise to prevent or control a condition.  And the only side effects are feeling better and having more energy!

Beginning and then committing to getting regular exercise is often hard.  Many feel they don’t have time for exercise. Making time for your general well-being is a great investment and you will have the added benefit of taking control of your life.

Evidence suggests that regular lifelong exercise extends lives, but the best reasons to make exercise a part of your lifestyle are:
• You FEEL better
• You perform better mentally & physically
• Better memory
• Better sleep
• Less stress
• Increased stamina
• Exercise helps maintain a healthy weight

How do I get started with exercise?
If you are not used to aerobic activity, you should begin SLOWLY with 5 or 10 minutes a session. Your goal should be getting at least 60 minutes of aerobic activity every day. You can get that amount all at once, or reach your goal by adding shorter periods of activity throughout the day.  It is important that the exercise be aerobic, which means that you increase your heart rate and have to breathe a little harder than normal.

The key to making your exercise routine successful is to make it fun, interesting and varied. It doesn’t have to be the same activity, same time of day or same location. Exercise can be done almost anywhere and doesn’t have to cost anything - aerobic walking is a great way to exercise. Find an exercise buddy and you can help each other keep focused and have fun.

A recent study of nearly 20,000 adults over a 24 year period found that exercise lowers the risk of the brain disease dementia.* Exercise improves memory and studies have also shown new brain cell growth in response to exercise. There are no pills that can match this! *Cooper Institute in Dallas, Annals of Internal Medicine 2023:158:162-168.

Many people are reluctant to exercise on a regular basis. Often, they don’t understand how it can improve their lives. Many don’t have the energy or stamina to get started because they don’t exercise, truly, a vicious cycle. Exercise is often what is needed most to give a person more energy, and feel healthier mentally and physically.

Your success with regular exercise as a lifestyle will depend on finding an exercise that you enjoy, doing it regularly and having fun!

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Other Helpful Hints…
Find an exercise App for your smart phone that suits you.
Buy a pedometer - set and increase your daily goals along with a long-term goal, say 10,000 steps?

This report was compiled by Ammonoosuc Community Health Services, Inc. (ACHS) clinical staff for informational purposes, and does not replace any advice one might receive from a qualified health care provider.


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